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Sewer Lines

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Sewer Lines in McKinney

Reliable Sewer Services in Plano

Do you think there may be a problem with your sewer line? The licensed plumbers at North Star Plumbing are equipped to locate problems in sewer lines in McKinney, Plano, and surrounding communities. We can inspect your sewer line to find the problem and perform the repair quickly and efficiently.

Please contact us at 972-562-9612 to schedule an inspection of your sewer line.

Causes of Sewer Leaks

Because the sewer line runs under ground, you may not know there is a problem right away. You can look for signs of a sewer line problem, such as sewage backups in your home, slow drains throughout the house, mold problems, sewer gas odors, indentations or wet spots in the lawn, and foundation cracks. Although leaks are most common in older homes, certain issues, such as ground shifting, can damage sewer lines in newer homes.

Sewer lines may be damaged by:

Ignoring a potential problem with the sewer line won’t solve it. Eventually, the sewer line may collapse and cause waste to back up into the drains in your home. This is a serious health hazard that should be addressed immediately by a properly trained professional. Acting quickly when you notice a problem can help you avoid more extensive damage.

Reliable Leak Detection

Since main sewer lines in Plano are located underground, they can’t be seen. As a result, problems can develop without you knowing it. Detecting problems can also be difficult because you can’t look at your sewer line. Our plumbing technicians use the most advanced equipment to evaluate the condition of your sewer line and find the place where it is blocked, cracked, or collapsed.

We use video camera inspection equipment to see inside your sewer line. The technician feeds a tiny camera that is attached to a cable down the drains and through your drainage system and sewer line. The camera sends an image, in real time, of the inside of the sewer line to a handheld screen where it can be viewed by the technician. This allows us to accurately detect leaks and damage to the sewer line, so we know the exact problem and full scope of the damage.

Sewer Lines Repair & Replacement

Based on the assessment of your sewer line, we will explain your options for repair or replacement and recommend the best method for repairing the damage or replacing the entire sewer line.

Our plumbing technicians are highly trained and experienced at pinpointing issues in sewer lines in Plano. You can rest assured that we are equipped to handle the job, regardless of the complexity. We take care of your property to minimize disruption to your life and get your repair completed as quickly as possible to restore your sewer line and prevent further damage to your home.

Get in touch with us today at 972-562-9612 for a sewer line inspection and repair.

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