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Tankless Water Heater

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McKinney Tankless Water Heaters

Enjoy a Constant Supply of Hot Water in Plano

Today’s homeowners are more environmentally conscious than ever before and eager to reduce energy consumption at home for both environmental and financial benefits. One way to do your part is to switch to a tankless water heater. North Star Plumbing offers installation, repair, and replacement of tankless water heaters in McKinney, Plano, and neighboring communities.

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Reasons to Switch to a Tankless Water Heater

People are making the switch to tankless water heaters in Plano for a number of reasons. A traditional water heater stores water in a large tank that requires continuous power to keep the water heated until you need it. A tankless water heater only starts to heat the water when you turn it on, so no energy is wasted. This method offers several advantages for homeowners.

A tankless water heater offers benefits for:

Since tankless water heaters only heat the water when you need it, you won’t be wasting energy on keeping water hot when you are sleeping, at work, or on vacation. A burner or heating element is used to heat the water to the preset temperature as soon as you turn on a faucet, so no energy is wasted. In addition, you are limited to the amount of water that can be held in the tank with a traditional water heater, while tankless water heaters provide a continual supply of hot water, so you will never run out of hot water right in the middle of your shower.

Tankless Water Heater Repair

Tankless water heaters have fewer components than a traditional water heater with a tank. This means there are fewer parts that can wear out and cause a breakdown and no tank to leak, causing water damage to your home. Although repairs are less frequent, there can still be problems with these water heaters and some leaking is still possible.

If your water heater is causing problems, we offer same day appointments for tankless water heaters in Plano. We are trained and equipped to provide service for all major equipment brands. In addition, emergency service is available for broken water heaters and other urgent plumbing problems. You can call us 24 hours a day, and your call will always be answered by a person and not a machine.

Top Quality Products & Expert Installation

Although there is no storage tank with a tankless water heater, it is still important to select the right model for your home and size does matter. If the water heater is too small, it won’t supply enough hot water to meet your family’s demand. If it is too large, it will be more expensive to purchase, and you will be spending more than is needed for no additional benefit.

A few factors need to be considered, such as the flow rate, or how much water is needed at one time, and the temperature rise, which is the difference between the temperature of the water entering your home and the temperature that you want for your hot water. We can assess your needs and perform the required calculations to help you find the ideal water heater for your home.

Our technicians are experienced in the installation of tankless water heaters and will make sure yours is properly installed, so you can enjoy a reliable and energy efficient hot water.

Contact us today at 972-562-9612 for tankless water heater installation or repair.

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