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Sewer Line Video Inspection

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McKinney Sewer Line Video Inspection

State-of-the-Art Plumbing Sewer Line Video Inspection Equipment in Plano

At North Star Plumbing, we understand how frustrating drain clogs and sewer line problems can be, and our technicians are ready to help. We offer video inspection in McKinney and Plano with advanced technology to accurately detect and repair problems with your drains and sewer lines. Our technicians arrive in fully stocked trucks to diagnose and fix any problem.

If you need a video inspection, call 972-562-9612 to request an appointment.

When to Have a Video Inspection

Whether you have a problem or just want to assess the overall condition of your sewer line, we offer video inspection in Plano to provide the information you need to make important decisions for your home or business. There are many situations when it makes sense to have a professional inspection of a sewer line.

Our customers often request video inspection when:

A clogged sewer line, leaky pipe, or stopped up drain causes a serious disruption to your family’s lifestyle. Naturally, you are eager to get the problem fixed and avoid unpleasant backups and possible damage to your home. Our plumbers are prepared to find the problem using advanced video inspection equipment.

How Video Inspection Works

Video inspection for plumbing uses a very small camera attached to a cable. As the cable moves through drains and sewer lines, it sends an image to the technician. The video image shows the inside of your pipes, so our technician can locate potential problems in the line without excavation. This is a completely noninvasive method of identifying blockages and damage to drains and sewer lines.

Our video inspection equipment enables us to get an inside view of your drains, pipes, and sewer line, so we can make an accurate diagnosis. We are able to detect blockages in drains and sewer lines, tree roots growing into the line, cracks, leaks, corrosion, and collapsed sewer lines. This information is useful when determining how to best resolve your problem by repairing or replacing the sewer pipe.

Top-of-the-Line Equipment for Accurate Diagnosis

We have the latest video drain inspection equipment, which is capable of pinpointing even the smallest leaks and blockages in drains and sewer lines. This allows us to provide an accurate assessment of the overall condition of the sewer line and locate potential problems. If you need an inspection for a remodeling project, we can help you make sure your sewer line is big enough to handle the additional demand.

When we find a problem in a drain or sewer line, we always take the time to show you the problem and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective methods for solving it. Be sure to check our website for our current special offers and coupons, including $75 off video inspection in McKinney and surrounding areas.

Please contact us today at 972-562-9612 to schedule an appointment for video inspection.

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